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Diabetes Management - Diabetes Center

  • We are the only private pediatric diabetology center that is on duty 24 hours a day, all year round with our own specialized and trained doctors.

  • We are the only ones who undertake in first diagnosis of diabetes, to welcome you in our facilities and if hospitalization is NOT required, something that can be found in a few minutes, we undertake your complete training and provide you with all the necessary material so that within 3 hours you can to return to your home !!!

  • If your child is <2 years old, the chance of having diabetic ketoacidosis and needing treatment is 75%. But if it is> 2 years old, the probability is only 25%.

  • Urgent treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis at the Pediatric Center of Athens with a modern, reliable and proven treatment protocol.

  • The most modern super-intensified insulin replacement regimens are applied with 1 dose of analogue of 24 hours duration and 4-5 doses of analogue of super-fast action before each main and intermediate meal

  • Our center is certified for the training and installation of the most advanced insulin pumps as well as 24-hour sugar recording systems (Holter).

  • A comprehensive education system is provided, based on written instructions for dealing with any possible situation in the child's daily life. Parents are trained to change their insulin doses so that they can make adjustments at any time without the need to contact their doctor. The insulin delivery system we apply is the super-intensive one. There is also training in the system of calculating carbohydrate equivalents, for anything that goes beyond the daily quality homemade food.

  • The parent trained here has an algorithm for managing Diabetes. Everything is written. Everything is organized. Our availability by telephone and electronic communication is uninterrupted.

  • Provides modern dietary education and guidance as well as full psychological support of the child and the family

  • Ability to measure glycosylated hemoglobin and ketones with the most modern capillary blood counters without blood sampling, during the visit

  • Diagnosis and treatment of type 2 diabetes with modern treatment options

  • Diagnosis and treatment of neonatal diabetes and monogenetic forms of diabetes (MODY)

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