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Cost of medical services

the pediatric endocrinological visit

● for 1 child it costs 100 €
● for 2 children 150 € (excluding Diabetes)
● for 3 children
200 €

● for 4 children 200 €
● assessment of exams presented after the appointment free of charge
● assessment of examinations submitted in intermediate control 50 €
● estimation from a distance (with complete file - somatometric) 100 € (+ 50 € for each additional little brother)
● Prescribing examinations and medicines out of appointment: 10 €

preventive (without known health problem) pediatric endocrinological visit

with our Attending doctor Eleni Dermitzaki in morning appointments 9am – 2pm
● for each child it costs 50 €

the pediatric diabetic visit

●. First visit with a child who already has diabetes lasting 1h: 200 €
● Pediatric diabetic follow-up visit 150 €
● Glycosylated A1CNow + +20 € (performed in the doctor's office with capillary blood)
● Pediatric visit on the same day
+50 €
● Child psychological visit on the same day +50 €
● initial emergency treatment-diabetes training without hospitalization lasting 3h: 500 €
● diabetes education (for the 1st time) scheduled lasting 2h: 300 €
● estimate from distance of sugar prices in intermediate time 100 €
● prescription of consumable examinations and medicines out of appointment: 10 €


Attendance fee for hospitalization at the Athens Pediatric Center
with private invoice: 250 € per day, or according to the price list of the contracted insurance company with the Pediatric Center of Athens.


● The treatment for diabetic ketoacidosis in a first diagnosis of type 1 SD, which usually lasts 3-5 days, is charged € 250 per day, or according to the price list of the contracted insurance company with the Pediatric Center of Athens.


● The necessary training to be able to return the child safely home is provided during the hospitalization (so as not to delay the child leaving the hospital) and on the day of discharge, lasts about 5 hours and is charged extra by the fee for hospitalization 500 €


● However, a package is also available with daily telephone support for the first month (which is necessary for the child to be adjusted) including both the initial education and 4 weekly visits - trainings with a pediatric endocrinologist - pediatric dietitian - child psychologist after discharge, which is configured in 1500 € .

Discounts and social sensitivity

● 50% if a parent is unemployed (upon presentation of a valid unemployment card)
Free if both parents are unemployed (upon presentation of a valid unemployment card)
Free with a referral from the Social Mission Clinic of the Medical Association of Athens
● Free for children hosted in social welfare institutions


*** Discounts do not apply to children with type 1 SD if they are beneficiaries of the welfare benefit.


All credit cards are accepted with the possibility of interest-free installments.
● An electronic computerized receipt is issued for all our services, even for those provided remotely.

● Payments can be made in cash up to the amount of 500 euros, with all debit and credit cards, by deposit or transfer to our business account declared to AADE:

Account Number: 0026.0027.37.0201090380
IBAN Account Number: GR8202600270000370201090380

Or via Live-Pay at the link below with your debit or credit card: -% CF% 80% CE% BB% CE% B7% CF% 81% CF% 89% CE% BC% CE% B5% CF% 82 /% CE% B1% CE% BB% CE% BB% CE% B5 % CF% 82 /% CE% BB% CE% BF% CE% B9% CF% 80% CE% B5% CF% 82 / pediatric-endocrine-clinics.aspx

You should know that the visit to an evening clinic of a Public Hospital to a pediatric endocrinologist, costs for each child from 65-90 euros (depending on the degree of the doctor), without providing uninterrupted secretarial support, immediate and continuous even urgent telephone support the mobile phone of the secretaries and the doctors 24 hours a day, all year round, but also the always updated electronic file of the patient, while we guarantee the quality of our services, guaranteeing the minimum possible waiting accurately at the time of processing your appointment.

Child-diet and Child-psychological visit

● Participation in the sessions of the psychoeducational group: "Me and the world of Diabetes": 50 € / session
● Child psychological and child-diet visit for the first time 70 euros - follow-up 50 euros , while in combination with Child-endocrinological visit the cost is set at 50 € even for the first time.


It is possible to prescribe a referral to perform the required examinations in a laboratory contracted with your insurance fund.

● Medicines are also prescribed electronically.

Prescribing and referral for our patients is of course free of charge on the day of the visit. However, intermediate prescribing and referral is charged with the standard amount of € 10 net for tax purposes.

It usually takes 2 visits / year to properly monitor your child. Exceptions are infants <3 years old, in which the monitoring should ideally be done every 4 months and under the year that practically needs 3 months monitoring.

The evaluation of the examinations requested at the visit is free of charge within one month from the time they were requested even if an appointment with the doctor is required.

Carrying out provocative tests-examinations

These examinations are performed - after being prescribed through EOPYY - in a specially designed area of the outpatient clinics of the Athens Pediatric Center with excellent nursing care, with specialized medical supervision by our supervisors and with the least possible inconvenience to the little patient. resulting in a single puncture for multiple blood draws.

Duration 1h-2h: 100 €
(ACTH test - Synacthene, LHRH test, L-dopa, Clonidine)

Duration 3H: 150 € (Glucagon)

External Storage

Book and pay for a visit

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