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Remote health services

Realizing the difficulty of access from remote areas and islands that do not have a pediatric endocrinologist in either the Public or the Private Sector, we offer this pioneering service as a first step, until it becomes possible for the child to visit Athens.

In order to make the estimation from a distance, you must:

  • Send us photocopies of the child health booklet with the pages where the pediatrician writes height and weight measurements
    Send us a bone x-ray by courier or in electronic form (where required)

  • Send us a brief history with the clinical question from the treating specialist pediatrician

  • You may need to make an appointment by phone with your pediatrician or adult endocrinologist and parents, and there is also the possibility of making an appointment via Skype at the username pedoendo

This procedure can not always replace the visit to our office, which in these cases should be done as soon as possible.
It costs € 100. The amount is deposited in a bank account and we send you the receipt.

We note that this procedure is not about consulting a general pediatrician and adult endocrinologist, a procedure to which we are constantly open and immediately available.

Our remote services

Remote prescription

You can request a prescription for the exams or medications and we will send the referrals to your place by courier


Remote evaluation of your tests

Remote evaluation of tests


Examination evaluation after 2 months

Remote Evaluation of the examinations after 2 months from the visit to the doctor's office


CD Electronic x-ray analysis


Electronic x-ray assessment


Remote evaluation of Medical Record

Remote evaluation of Medical Record or visit via skype

(id: pedoendo)


Εκτίμηση οστικής ηλικίας

Bone age assessment with the BoneXpert / Bone age evaluation program

Send us the bone x-ray electronically in a DICOM file and we send you the estimate of the innovative BoneXpert electronic program and together with our estimate with the Greulish & Pyle method


Estimation of predicted final height / Growth prediction

If you send us electronically your child's bone age (in DICOM format) and its height along with any previously available height and weight measurements from his health booklet (mandatory and parents' heights) we can make an accurate forecast for final height. Especially useful for athletes.


Εκτίμηση προβλεπόμενου τελικού ανστήματος
Do not hesitate to contact the pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Dimitris Th. Papadimitriou for any issue that concerns you

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