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Endocrinology services

● Informing the treating physician and parents

Our concern is the direct communication and cooperation with the pediatrician and the adult endocrinologist, so that there will be a proper medical monitoring of the child. For this reason the referring doctor and parents receive an information note immediately which is sent by fax, e-mail or post or given immediately at the end of the visit.

● Immediacy and availability

The patient always finds its doctor here. Secretarial support is ongoing. The evaluation of exams and answers are immediate. Emergencies are covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a year.

● Organization and Electronic File

From our 1st patient in Greece, in November 2005, until today, all visits, history, somatometric data, growth curves, examinations, treatment and medical instructions are recorded in special software developed by Dutch Association of Pediatric Endocrinologists ( Growth Analyzer ). In addition to the obvious benefits to the organization, the reliable and fast service of our little patients and their parents, the electronic file is a valuable tool for conducting studies, comparative monitoring of patients with the same problem, but also to avoid duplication of examinations, pointless investigations, etc.

● Modern Pediatric Endocrinology

We strive to apply the most up-to-date, both diagnostically and therapeutically, following reliable published studies and guidelines, even in collaboration with centers abroad, if necessary.

In this context, we apply modern treatment protocols as is the case in specialized centers in Europe and America.

We suggest solutions for your child's problem utilizing all the possibilities of modern pediatric endocrinology. We are not content with identifying and simply monitoring the problem.

● Modern treatment protocols

  • Anastrazole (aromatase inhibitor) as monotherapy or combination therapy (with growth hormone or puberty inhibition) for short stature, in both boys and girls.

  • Low dose hydrocortisone for cases of marked adrenarche (early hair in the adolescent or armpit with very advanced bone age).

  • Administration of calcitriol (vitamin 1-25 (OH) 2D3) to neutralize antibodies that indicate a risk of developing juvenile diabetes (type 1 diabetes).

  • Metformin and antiandrogens for the treatment of hair loss and menstrual disorders in polycystic ovary syndrome.

  • Treatment of bilateral cryptorchidism and central hypogonadism with recombinant LH / FSH (Pergoveris®)

● Second opinion

Medical science is to some extent an art. For this reason, different ways of dealing with a situation can be suggested by reputable colleagues of the same subspeciality.


We inform you about the necessity or not of dealing with a situation, we present you the alternative approaches with the pros and cons of each, in a way that in any case will completely ensure the health of your child.


Because no serious scientist can work alone, be sure that we discuss all the interesting and difficult cases with our colleagues in Greece and abroad, first because we want to make sure we have the best solution and the right diagnosis for your child. .


Finally, we assure you that there is no treatment that will be proposed for your child in our clinic which we would not apply to our child with the same indication.

● Hospitalization

The treatment takes place at the Pediatric Center of Athens, in collaboration with the AD and the 2nd Pediatric Clinic, which are managed respectively by Ms. Faye Sarifi and Mr. Diagoras Zarganis and always with the valuable scientific advice of our professor A. Fretzagia.

Παιδιατρικό Κέντρο | Δρ. Δ. Θ. Παπαδημητρίου, παιδοενδοκρινολόγος, παιδοδιαβητολόγος

● Challenged examinations (day clinic)

They are performed in an organized space of the outpatient clinics
of the Pediatric Center of Athens, with the help of specialized nursing staff and our personal medical supervision, while in our privately owned facilities it is now possible to perform them in a specially designed examination room right next to the pediatric endocrinology office.


test for growth hormone deficiency

  • glucagon test

  • L-dopa test

  • clonidine test

  • insulin test


early puberty control - adrenarche

  • LHRH test

  • ACTH test (Synacthène)


control of adrenal function

  • ACTH test (Synacthène)

  • low-dose ACTH test (1 μg ACTH test)


control of hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction

  • TRH test


gonadal dysfunction control

  • hCG test

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