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Elina Karantana

Child development specialist

Elina Karantana, mother of two girls, was born in Athens and graduated from Arsakeio Psychiko.
She is a graduate of the Medical School of Iqnac Semmelweis University in Budapest.
She was trained at the Pediatric Clinic of the Prefectural Hospital of Rhodes and then at the Pediatric Clinic of the General Hospital "Agios Panteleimon - Nikaia".
She was trained in the "Special Cognitive Object of Developmental Pediatrics" at the DG University Pediatric Clinic, University of Athens, at Attikon Hospital.
She is a member of the Hellenic Network for ASD, a member of the Hellenic Society for the Study of ADHD, a member of the Hellenic Society for Developmental and Behavioral Medicine and the head of scientific studies at the Panhellenic School of Parallel Support and a doctor of the medical school of EKPA.
From 2007 to May 14, 2020 she belonged to the medical staff of the CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL "P. & A. KYRIAKOU ": from 2010 to January 2019 she was the Scientific Head of the Development Clinic of the Department of PUBLIC HEALTH and from 2012 she also acted as director.
In May 2020 she resigned from the NSS and joined the Scientific Staff of the Pediatric Endocrine Clinics, taking over the Management of the Developmental Department

The pediatric development specialist Elina Karantana explains the importance of developmental pediatrics.

Recent articles by child development specialist Elina Karantana

Early detection of developmental difficulties

Published on the online platform on May 18, 2020.

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Interview of the pediatric development specialist Elina Karantana on tvkosmos on 2/4/2021

Dr. Elina Karantana, due to the World Autism Awareness Day talks about the disease, the incidence rates worldwide, the causes, the prevention and the treatment protocols for its treatment.



Eleni Karantana, Autism
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