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Videocall with the doctor

Before your video-appointment with the doctor you should send us some information. Please fill out the form below and send us the pages of your child;s health record as well as any bone measurements you have in image format. 

Medical Questionnaire

Please fill out the questionnaire below before the video call

Thanks for submitting

We will also need:

All pages of the child's booklet dated and considered by the pediatrician with measurements (height - weight) as well as recent measurements (in jpeg photo format) - Bone ages in photo format (jpeg)

You send them to us by e-mail:

Preparing for the video call

- You should know that the doctor is here to listen to you.

- Prepare your questions in advance so there is no stress during the conversation 

- Choose a QUIET and PRIVATE location so that the conversation is discreet and you can hear the doctor well

- Choose a place that has SUFFICIENT LIGHTING and your signal is STRONG so that there are no technical connection problems

- Connect from a protected Wi-Fi so that personal information is protected. - We avoid public places for our communication with the doctor due to the insecurity of the connection and to protect our personal data.

- If you use medical devices or treatment that you would like to show your doctor, it is a recommended to have them with you.

- If there is a problem with your body that you would like the doctor to see, it is recommended to send  high resolution photos before the appointment, as the video may be blurred.

- If the video call is made with a mobile phone or tablet, it is a good idea to close any other application in order to increase the speed and quality of the video.

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